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  • How about 18 months and she is still LOVING IT.....

    Betsy is making amazing progress in our STRIKE-FIT (FITNESS KICKBOXING)
    program and always brings her best every class. She DITCHED the GYM
    and just loves EMPIRE. Side Note this is the longest she has ever stuck with a FITNESS PROGRAM...WHY, because we have a great community and we truly care about all of our clients..... ....

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  • Anthony lost 40 pounds.....and still going STRONG at 56

    He lost 40 pounds and is still LOVING our classes
    . Anthony started with us almost 4 years ago and had been doing the GYM THING and wasn't making any progress, as he was bored and had also tried traditional Martial Arts and it just wasn't the right fit. Then he tried out EMPIRE and from Day 1, he has been a raving fan and still making progress every week. And he is 56 years young and STRONGER than he ever was in his 20's and 30's...... Come check it out for yourself, I know you will LOVE it.


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  • He dropped 20 pounds and lowered his Blood Pressure and LOVES IT

    Another success story.
    ....Perry's brother in law suggested he try out Empire as he was looking to drop 20 pounds, lower his blood pressure (he has a high stress job) and KNOCK the STRESS out of his life. Now he is telling everyone how training at EMPIRE has changed his life and made FITNESS FUN
    again. You ROCK ....

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  • Are you 50 plus....Check out what David has to say

    David is one of our many 50 PLUS
    male clients that was looking for an alternative to the BORING GLOBO GYM.
    ....but also wanted a means of Self Protection, Stress management & Fitness that was fun and he would STICK WITH. BOOM, that is what EMPIRE does every week and its not just older guys we have lots of women too, in their 30's and up KICKING BUTT and loving it.

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    CARBS are such a source of debate these days, and over the last 16 years we have helped hundreds of people ENJOY and learn how to CYCLE them for the best results. We just had a family trip and had to dine out while taking our son to a NINJA competition. So w hile we are traveling, eating out and FINDING cool restaurants and also GOOD coffee. Seems simple but can be a challenge, LOL So when you are traveling or attending work functions, I know that eating on the road and in general can be tough. It is why I love Carb Cycling
    and it is a super simple strategy that works incredibly well. OK, what is CARB CYCLING , simple you focus certain days on eating lower ....

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  • On the way to the National Finals.......So proud

    Liam “NO FEAR” Condon has been training and competing in both SPARTAN Obstacle Course Races and most recently American Ninja Warrior events. He has been training in the Martial Arts since the age of 4 and is a First Degree Black Belt. He began training in Spartan Races with his father and as his interest peaked his father began building more obstacles for him to train on. As an avid fan of the American Ninja Warrior show, his father reworked part of the families Martial Art business to include American Ninja Warrior type obstacles in 2013, called Liam’s Play Land. It includes multiple Obstacle Rigs, Rock Climbing walls and a special “FREEDOM CLIMBER” ....

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  • IS CHANGE Good.....

    IS CHANGE Good.....

    We all know that change can be scary. It is unknown, We get that..... Which is why most people resist change and fear it even when what we are doing isn't working. So if you want different results, you need to start doing something differently.
    Because what is the worst that can like EMPIRE and love the classes....I know I'm biased, But it happens all the time and those same people become raving fans and WISH they had started sooner.....TRUE STORY So if you are thinking you will start a new workout..... WHY NOT TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT
    We have people just like you that had a Gym membership they never used, then gave EMPIRE a TRY and
    found a new way to ....

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  • Are you STUCK with your Health & Fitness......

    Are you STUCK with your Health & Fitness......

    2020 is here and I have been getting lots of questions about how to reach your goals in the New Year. And.....beyond.
    If any of these are your goal for 2020... lose weight and get more toned
    get stronger and improve muscle tone decrease body fat and tighten your midsection
    reshape your body and get in your best shape Have FUN training and STICK with it
    If ANY of those are something you want to accomplish in 2020... We can share our SECRET
    "How to kick off 2020 and get in your best shape ever! My goal is to help you get in your best shape. Whatever your goal, I can help you get there! ALL you need to do is CALL US or set up a TRIAL WEEK

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  • DITCH THE GYM.....

    DITCH THE GYM.....

    I get it, the GYM is BORING & we have many clients that DITCHED the GYM and fell in love with EMPIRE
    How can we help......EASY and you dont have to be in shape to get started
    Is it time for the strength, power, and flexibility that you've always dreamed of having?
    Is it time to crush your excuses?
    ... to overcome your obstacles?
    ... to challenge yourself?
    ... to crush your goals?
    No, you're not too old, too tired or too busy......QUESTIONS, call us and see how we can help


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