Fitness made FUN, right here in Albany NY

Fitness made FUN, right here in Albany NY

Are you BORED with the GYM.....we have members just like you that had given up on working out and their personal fitness. Then they tried out one of our classes and they found a program they LOVE and will stick with. How would you like to SMASH some hand targets and KNOCK that STRESS out of your life. We have several classes that will help you with that an so much more.

Are you concerned with your personal safety and looking for a SELF DEFENSE class, NO WORRIES we have you covered there as well, it's called KRAV MAGA. And you don't have to be in shape to get started. You just have to START, it really is that simple and easy.

What makes us different is that we have a supportive community that will help you step by step. And the cool thing too is many people have found new lifelong friends as part of training. Now they have a workout buddy, training partner and a friend they can count on when life gets them down.

See that is the EMPIRE difference, we are a family dedicated to helping you with your Health, Fitness and self defense goals.


Just check out our REVIEW page, you may even know a few of those people......I look forward to meeting you

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