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GET NINJA FIT....and its so much FUN

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Ever seen one of those ninja warrior tv shows?


I know our whole family loves them too.....and the best part is that I get to train alongside my son, it's just amazing. 


OK, I know what you are thinking, there is no FREAKING way I can do that.......well dare I say it, you are wrong. WHOA, hold on


Before you go NO WAY dude....READ ON....


We make it fun and if you are like many of our other ADULT members, they were BORED out of their mind at the GLOBO-GYM or just didn't know what to do.


So back to being a NINJA (I know it sounds KOOL)  What if you could do that too?


NOW dont take my word for it listen to Greg, who is a young 59 and going STRONG, all thanks to our NINJA class. 





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