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Liam “NO FEAR” Condon has been training and competing in both SPARTAN Obstacle Course Races and most recently American Ninja Warrior events. He has been training in the Martial Arts since the age of 4 and is a First Degree Black Belt. He began training in Spartan Races with his father and as his interest peaked his father began building more obstacles for him to train on.

As an avid fan of the American Ninja Warrior show, his father reworked part of the families Martial Art business to include American Ninja Warrior type obstacles in 2013, called Liam’s Play Land. It includes multiple Obstacle Rigs, Rock Climbing walls and a special “FREEDOM CLIMBER” unique to Liam’s Play Land.

Liam earned the name “NO FEAR” when NYS Police Officers saw him climb 20 foot cargo nets, 16 foot ropes, as well as scale a 24 vertical wall.

He will be competing Jan 25th for a chance to be a National Champion Here is his personal athlete page: https://www.facebook.com/nofearninja/

Athlete Warrior Games is a National Ninja Obstacle League that uses the same type of Obstacles seen on the American Ninja Warrior TV show, set up for everyday people. Youth are finding the NINJA training to be a fun alternative for those that don’t like Team Sports as well as working adults that use it for stress management and Fitness.

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