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Albany American Ninja Warrior Training

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Take On A Total-Body Challenge With Our American Ninja Warrior Training

Looking for a new way to train and challenge your body? Look no further.

Our American Ninja Warrior program here at Empire Defense & Fitness is the perfect way for you to take on total-body strength, incredible fat burning workouts, and plenty of high-energy ninja warrior challenges. 

At Empire Defense & Fitness, we are home to multiple NINJA and obstacle course areas and we are an official Spartan SGX certified training center.

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What's This American Ninja Warrior Training All About?

It's truly a system like no other. These obstacle course workouts throw something new at you with every turn. We're helping you build strength, develop speed, and have a great time in the process.

In our American Ninja Warrior Program, you can take Spartan SGX training, NINJA obstacle course workouts, and so much more.

And guess what? We are dedicated to maintaining a safe, supportive environment where people of all skill levels can thrive.

Come see us at Empire Defense & Fitness today for:

  • Professional obstacle course instruction
  • Incredible support each and every day
  • New challenges every time you train 
  • Motivation to give it your all week after week

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So What Can You Learn?

Not only is American Ninja Warrior Training a great way to build strength, burn fat, and improve your athleticism. It's also a perfect chance for you to challenge yourself and enjoy the sense of competition that comes with every new obstacle.

At Empire Defense & Fitness we're offering people of all skill levels the chance to build skills like: 

  • Core strength
  • Upper body stabilization
  • Grip strength 
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • and so much more!

Get Started Today With Our American Ninja Warrior Classes Here In Albany! 

Don't miss out on this dynamic training routine. American Ninja Warrior training is the perfect way to challenge your body and have a blast in the process. We are proud to work with people all across Albany and Colonie. No prior experience is required.

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