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Albany Spartan Warrior Challenge

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The Spartan Warrior Challenge takes you to true warrior power and stamina in just 42 days.

Let me guide you from wherever you are now to warrior fitness through our proven, fun, and exceptionally effective program that blends ancient thinking and modern science.

If you think you are ‘past it’, that your best days are behind you, think again. This is a program designed with you in mind, created to turn back the years and give you the warrior body you truly deserve.

Can You Say "YES" to 3 or More of These Questions?

  • Do you want to feel less stressed, feel better, and have more focus for the every day challenges at work and home?
  • Do you want to put some energy into looking after yourself for once?
  • Would you like to be more self-confident, be more persuasive, and have that innate magnetism that only comes from someone who knows who they are?
  • Do you want to get in the best shape of your life without being ‘bored’ to tears with your exercise routine?
  • Do you want to gain injury avoiding flexibility that 99% of your peers could only dream of?

If You Answered YES to at least 3 of Those Questions, Then My SPARTAN WARRIOR Program is your path to the Transformation of body and mind you are looking for.

First off,  let me begin by saying that this isn’t a typical fitness or fat loss program.  

It’s a Challenge…a 42 Day commitment to yourself, and investment of time and energy to finally look, feel and move like the athletes you are (or were.)


Why Almost All Training Programs Fail…But the Challenge Succeeds!

Who hasn’t joined a gym or started a diet, or even begun an exercise program only for it to fade away after a couple of weeks?


Because you fail to see any results and you lose motivation, or because its dull, unfun, and you lose motivation.

But what if there was a different way?

Something where you can see and feel the difference, quickly.

Something you enjoy doing.

That is the Spartan Warrior Challenge, and you can see for yourself in just 42 short days.

We don’t just create the ultimate in fitness programs, we build a community of people. Enjoy the Camaraderie with other like-minded warriors who have DITCHED the GYM and discovered the SPARTAN difference.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to Perry, just one of DOZENS of our SUCCESS stories…….

See, Most Training Programs Actually Set You Up To Fail…

Yes, it is true.

Almost every training program fails when it comes to helping you reach your goals, and the reasons are pretty simple:

  1. They’re Not About You. Most GYM training programs are one size fits all.  They’re simply workouts that a gym or trainer tries to dump you into. With some may achieve initial progress, but it’s pretty much impossible to reach your personal goals if no one ever identified what those goals were in the first place.

  2. They Don’t Have A Deadline. It’s simple psychology.  If you don’t have a deadline there is no urgency to take action. Think about school, did you ever get anything done unless you had a deadline? That’s how we work as human beings. 

    If you want to look, feel and move like an athlete, you need urgency. Athletes have it. They’re training for the season. If you don’t have a deadline, a well-defined  target to shoot for, there is no urgency. The result? You don’t have anything to focus on, you don’t stick to the program, after all, there’s always tomorrow, right? But tomorrow never comes. That’s why just having a membership to a health club or joining those cardio classes will never work.  You have zero urgency and no real, specific target in mind.

  3. They Don’t Challenge You To Perform. For you to see any significant changes you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone and put in maximum effort. 
    But many fitness programs are afraid to ask you to do that.

    Why? Money

    They know that no one wants to be uncomfortable forever, but their business is about keeping your membership active as long as possible. So, the answer is to not be uncomfortable at all. If you are not being pushed, you are not improving.

    They make fat loss sound like magic, ’take this pill,’ ‘drink these shakes’ and you’ll look just like our paid spokesperson…..I call BS on that one….BIG TIME

    You know it’s a lie. But there is a solution.

The EMPIRE Spartan Warrior Challenge…Your 42 Day Solution For Losing Fat, Looking, Feeling And Moving Like An Athlete

Unlike most training programs, the Spartan Warrior Challenge is about you and your unique goals.

Its lean, effective and avoids the mistakes other programs make, giving you a clear path to the results you want. 

A 42-day commitment to transform your body and mind.

The Spartan Warrior Challenge is a challenge though. It won’t be easy, but it is worth it when you see the results.

Your Spartan Warrior Challenge is designed to get you to where you want to be, in 6 weeks. No ‘one size fits all, a challenge created for you, to deliver for you.

Don’t be afraid of that challenge though, we don’t break you down like the latest fad, the challenge makes you work, but it gives you the reward too.

Think about anything in life, your career, your education, your family, there is always hard work to get the great rewards. That’s true of your health and fitness too.

In fact, think about your success, knowing you’ve earned it makes it that much sweeter, right?

You will achieve that with our CHALLENGE and much MORE

It doesn't matter if you haven't worked out in a few years or even a decade, our challenge is for everyone.

The BEST PART, you don’t have to be in shape to GET STARTED and NO previous experience is required. We specialize in beginners as well as the seasoned pro, looking to get to that NEXT LEVEL 

In fact, most of our current members hadn’t worked out in FOREVER

Even less had ever done anything like this before

Yet they just CRUSHED IT, in a big way

They reclaimed that youthful VIGOR and RESILIENCY and are knocking that STRESS out of their lives and HAVING FUN.

This proprietary Spartan Warrior Challenge protocol is designed specifically to overcome all the obstacles that STOP you from achieving your goals…once and for all.

The Challenge You Need For The Results You Want!

Motivation is key to success, after all, you only get results if you do the work!

But what do most programs do? They suck the will to keep going right out of you.

We’ve all been there. You start at a gym or a training program full of enthusiasm and ready to go. 

Then you get confusing instruction, the program is dull, there’s no fun to anything and it becomes and exercise in endurance just to keep going.

That is a recipe for FAILURE

With the Spartan Warrior Challenge, we inspire, educate and motivate to bring you SUCCESS.

It may be fun and inspiring, but it is a challenge.  

You’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone for these 6 short weeks.  

It’s this sort of approach that models the performance training that competitive athletes use, and that will get you the results you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve started programs and stopped.  If you’ve fallen off track or if you’ve not had real motivation without anything specific to train for.

That’s the beauty of the Spartan Warrior Challenge approach, it doesn’t ask you to overhaul your life or make some never-ending commitment.

You simply have to make a decision to take on the challenge and get stronger, leaner and more athletic, while you put in a little effort for 42 days.

It’s that simple……Just like Mike did and 2 years later his is still going STRONG and excelling in all aspects of his life and LOVING it.

This isn’t a kids Karate class. You will be learning some of the most sought after systems, loaded with practical techniques that will get you STRIKING just like a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE while learning some practical SELF DEFENSE skills that you can use to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Our ADULT ONLY program is designed for YOU. No kowtowing just results, and I am right there with you very step of the way.

I am 55 years young, with 2 teenage boys and CRUSHING workouts only 3 DAYS a week and getting better results than when I was in my THIRTIES.

Burn off That Gut AND KEEP IT OFF!

Get your blood flowing and build up your endurance so that you have more energy to get more accomplished throughout the day!

Restore balance to your life so you can feel good knowing that you’re looking out for number 1?

Find the best shape of your life while having fun, no more boring repetitions and endless classes.

You will become more flexible than 90% of your peers so you are less prone to nagging injuries that can zap the quality out of your life?

You CAN have it all. There’s no sacrifice you have to make.

You don’t get less of anything when you come to our classes.  In fact, the opposite is true.  You get MORE.  You don’t lose time – you get more of it – because you’re energized, motivated and inspired.  You don’t lose money – you make more – because you’re more productive, passionate and driven.  You don’t lose a thing – you win!

Here’s what you can expect when you join the Spartan Warrior Challenge

6 Weeks of Results-Driven training Sessions 

Here is where the RESULTS happen through our proprietary SECRET approach. 

As you delve into our SPARTAN training program you will learn the SECRETS and FORGE that WARRIOR MINDSET and delve into the ETHOS of our CHALLENGE. These are the same techniques I share with High Level Military Special Forces Units and SWAT Team.


In the 42 days of the Spartan Warrior Challenge we will FORGE that WARRIOR ETHOS around YOUR body and YOUR abilities. 

These are NOT cookie cutter programs that you'll see in the magazines at the grocery store. We take into account how you move and what you're capable of, and we build YOUR training plan around YOU to ensure that you get the best results as quickly and safely as possible. 

All we're asking is to see you in here 3x per week...that's it!

  • Daily Motivation: No one ever said this was going to be easy. Even with us at your side coaching you every step of the way there are going to be some days that will test your will power, we all have them. What we do to help out is send you some of most motivational quotes, stories and emails to just remind you why you started and to not give up. C'mon, you've got this...and we've got you covered :)
    value: priceless.

  • You’ll receive the Spartan Warrior Challenge Meal Planning Guide containing the exact nutrition strategy you should follow for maximum results.  You’ll know how to plan every meal to maximize fat burning, strength gains and overall performance.

  • It’s a Complete 42-Day Nutritional Meal Guide: Yes, this is one of the MAJOR components of this program. We all know it's about the diet (hate that word), but we are going to make sure you follow scientifically proven systems that will still have you eating real food, and plenty of it. In fact, we will cover so much nutrition that there is no way we won't find a meal plan or program that works for YOU, YOUR life, and YOUR schedule. Abs are made in the Kitchen!!
    $197 value.

  • Tracking & Accountability: We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you're not accountable to someone, only YOU knows for sure if you did, or did not workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we have developed a progress tracking system for every client. We will always know what’s working and what’s not.  And let's face it, we've all signed up for a "Gym," gone for a few days / weeks, and then poof... fall right back into our old habits. Well not with the Spartan Warrior Challenge! We'll call, email, and text you if we don't see you, so you better be ready for some commitment!
    $297 value 

  • Private Facebook Group: You have Facebook, right?  We will add you to a private group just for people doing the program so that you can ask any questions that pop up in your mind and not only get answers from our qualified trainers, but answers from others that are doing the program as well! This alone will give you ideas that you never thought about, and help keep you on your game throughout this program. 
    value: priceless!

  • Personal Goal Setting: We’ll get laser-focused on what YOU want to achieve and why you want it.  We'll set specific milestones and focus on the habits that you need to create to get there.  Plus, we'll check in along the way to make sure you're staying on track! Success leaves clues, and we'll be there every step of the way to make sure you're getting great results!
    value: priceless

Are You Ready To Finally Look, Feel And Move Like An Athlete?


When you join the SPARTAN WARRIOR CHALLENGE, we literally remove ALL of the guesswork. 

Instead, you get a complete, detailed program that lays it all out for you. Every step you need to take to get the amazing results you deserve in just 42 days. 

Ditch the gym FOREVER and take control of your life once and for all.

But This Program Isn't For Everyone…

At EMPIRE DEFENSE & FITNESS we have a reputation for being the "last stop for fitness results!"

We're proud of this reputation and attribute it to only working with men who are 100% ready to change their lives.

If you are not ready to jump in head first, prepared to do the work and commit to maintaining that for the 42 days of the challenge - then unfortunately this program isn't for you.

But if you are fed up with endless gym sessions, feeling like you are missing out, having the motivation driven out of you by uninspiring programs that never get results, then our SPARTAN WARRIOR CHALLENGE is the perfect solution for you!

Right now, we're accepting 13 men, who are READY to GET RESULTS and CHANGE their lives, BE MORE RESILIENT an date ENVY of their friends.

Then we SIMPLY schedule your first PRIVATE session!

It's that easy. But with only 13 places available, it really is first come first served.

Don’t miss out, sign up today and reserve your spot. Make the choice right now and be the warrior you were always meant to be.

Sign up with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Our SPARTAN WARRIOR CHALLENGE has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you desire - faster and easier than ever imagined.  Our reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is therefore backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Absolutely love your results at the end of your 2020 New Body Project Program, or you don't pay.  The only thing you have to lose is the fat!

Reservation is free, so click the button below right now and take the first step in your Spartan Warrior Journey.

By now you know that the Spartan Warrior Challenge is the answer for your fitness and performance goals. You are about to go on an incredible journey, there’s hard work ahead, but a lot of fun too, and the end result is the nest shape of your life!

Start Date: 

The Spartan Warrior Challenge will begin on as soon as you REGISTER and we will set up your first PRIVATE LESSON.  As I mentioned before, you need deadlines to make things happen and this is ours. The DEADLINE is you REGISTERING….NO EXCUSES.

Investment: Your investment to participate in the Spartan Warrior Challenge is just $397 with FREE TRAINING GEAR.

ALSO INCLUDES all the GEAR you need, Gloves, Handwraps, T-Shirt, GEAR BAG and YES GUYS a groin supporter…Hey you have to protect yourself….just a precaution…BUT VALUED, LOL
Value $147….yours FREE

Your Next Step: If you’re ready to start training like an athlete, if you are ready to look, feel and move like an athlete – then the Spartan Warrior Challenge is for you.  To get started, simply click the registration button below and reserve your spot!
With just 13 places available, don’t hesitate. Be the Spartan you were born to be and secure your place today.

Your Friend & Coach,

Alan Condon

P.S. – You have my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can complete the entire 6 Week Spartan Warrior Challenge and if you don’t get the results you were looking for, I’ll give you your entire investment back. Get started right now, RISK-FREE.




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